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Woodstock PSRPs show “heart” in supporting each other

Paraprofessionals and School Related Personnel (PSRPs) are crucial members of our school community. As teachers’ aides, clerks, bus aides, and more, we take on a variety of duties to serve our students and their families.

During the 2014 holiday season, the building representatives for the Woodstock School Related Personnel council (WSRP, Local 1642) discussed ways to support our sisters and brothers in need. We decided to wait until after holidays because there are so many programs for assistance around that time of year already in place. We wanted to show that WSRP had a big heart, so Valentine’s Day would be the natural time to make this gesture. From there, "A Union with a Heart" was born.

Each February, we ask our members to nominate anyone in the unit who might need assistance. After the Executive Board votes to narrow down the nominees to a group of finalists, our president draws a winner to receive a $200 gift card. The entire process is anonymous, so it is our opportunity to humbly support each other.

I have a great sense of pride knowing that we are able to give back to our members in need. It fills my heart to be surrounded by such thoughtful and loving fellow educators within my union.



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