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We must fight for our public schools, universities

by Stephanie Bontemps

Public education is a great equalizer and compulsory in the United States. Hence, we view public school education as a right and this system allows our children to fulfill their potentials.

Today the right for all American children to be educated is threatened by the efforts of Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education. She has no experience in education as a teacher, administrator, or school board member, and poses a danger to public education. How? By her unending efforts to undermine public school funding in favor of funding voucher schools and for-profit schools that receive tax monies but face no accountability standards.

The DeVos family spent millions of dollars in Michigan to promote charter schools. This lobbying has left Michigan with the largest number of low-performing charter schools in the United States.

It is very upsetting that the administration has selected such a nominee to run our public schools, a position designed to fortify and improve our system’s achievements.

Mrs. DeVos’ efforts are designed to strip our schools of crucial funding for children who need extra help in reading and math. Instead, she wants those monies to go to charter schools.

We do not need an unqualified nominee to be in charge of our children’s education. We must stand together to fight for our public schools and universities.



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