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Teachers respond to Governor Rauner’s misleading school funding ultimatum

CHICAGO – In response to Governor Bruce Rauner’s misleading press conference this morning, Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) President Dan Montgomery, a high school English teacher, released the following statement:
“Governor Rauner is basing his promise to Chicago school children and taxpayers on alternative facts. The pension bill Rauner demands as a condition for funding education reflects legislation that has already been ruled unconstitutional by our Supreme Court several times. This new bill, which also steals from public workers’ life savings, is likely to face the same fate, and therefore, its savings amount to nothing. For Rauner to say this is ‘good policy’ suggests he doesn’t understand the law or doesn’t care.
In the meantime, we will fall deeper into debt and students of Chicago will be deprived of the future they deserve. It’s time for the Governor to drop the ultimatums and do his job.”




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