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Rauner ads another example of the governor's wrong priorities

Gov. Rauner should stop playing political games and do his job

CHICAGO — Illinois Working Together released the following statement in response to Gov. Bruce Rauner's new television ads:
"Governor Rauner's new television ad blitz is just another reminder of the governor's wrong priorities, putting political games ahead of getting the job done for the people of Illinois. Not only has Rauner never passed a budget, the most basic responsibility for any governor, but he has never even proposed a balanced budget as required by the Illinois constitution. Rauner's "balanced budget" claims have already been deemed "pants-on-fire" false by Politifact Illinois.

"What Rauner fails to mention in his ads are his accomplishments in more than two years as governor — because he has none. Rauner's wrong priorities have resulted in disruptions to school funding, cuts to services for seniors, and an Illinois economy hobbled by uncertainty. Enough with the political games, governor. Do your job."


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