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Senate advances State budget proposal

Legislative update 5.29.17
The House and Senate lawmakers returned Monday, May 22 and continued to pass legislation in advance of the end of scheduled session on May 31.The most notable action was in the Senate, where Democrats passed a budget proposal and a tax increase to fund the initiative.

Here are some highlights of last week’s action:

Senate Democrats pass budget proposal
The Senate passed SB 6, a comprehensive budget plan that would provide $330M in new funding for education while making $3B in cuts, including a 5 percent cut for every state agency and program. The plan includes $5B in supplemental funding for social service agencies, public universities, and group health insurance costs to get them through the rest of the year. The $37.3B budget, matches the total spent by the Governor’s budget proposal that was released in February.

The plan would be funded with revenue created by SB 9, a proposal that would increase the income tax rate from 3.75 percent to 4.95 percent. SB 9 also raises taxes on some services including; cable, satellite, and internet streaming. The corporate income tax would be increased and some corporate tax loopholes would be closed.

Elected Chicago school board bill passes House

Rep. Martwick sponsored HB 1774, a measure that creates an elected representative school board for the City of Chicago. Currently, the city's board members are appointed by the mayor; every other Illinois school district is served by an elected board. The bill passed the House with bi-partisan support.

Senate approves carried interest loophole legislation

The Illinois Senate passed SB 1719, legislation to close a lucrative loophole hedge funds and other financial organizations use to avoid paying their fair share of state taxes.
SB 1719 was spearheaded by the Grassroots Collaborative. Its estimated that the loophole closure will generate $1.7B in new revenue for the state which could be used for schools and essential public services.

Bill to prohibit employers using genetic data passes

The House Labor and Commerce Committee passed SB 318, legislation that would prohibit an employer from penalizing an employee who does not disclose his or her genetic information. The bill is in response to legislation being considered by Congress that would allow employers to force employees to undergo a genetic test. The IFT joined the AFL-CIO in supporting this legislation.

Memorial Day weekend

The legislature returned to Springfield Sunday, May 28 with multiple committee hearings scheduled on the budget. However, at this time, there is no agreement between the legislature and the Governor on any budget proposal.

A look ahead

Things happen quickly in the final days, so check the IFT website for updates and watch your inbox for important action alerts.



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