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Say “Thank You” on PSRP Day – 
November 15

Every day in schools and colleges across Illinois, paraprofessionals and school-related personnel (PSRPs) make a difference for our communities. But too often, we forget to simply say, “Thanks.”

The third Wednesday of each November is PSRP Day in Illinois, an annual day to show appreciation to the more than 100,000 dedicated PSRPs who provide essential services in classrooms, school offices, cafeterias, school buses, and more. Their work is invaluable to ensuring that our institutions run smoothly and efficiently. They keep students safe in healthy, productive learning environments.

In the IFT, PSRPs play a critical role in keeping our union strong. So, whether you work with PSRPs or are a parent, on Wednesday, November 15, please express your gratitude to a PSRP in your life. It will be deeply appreciated.

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