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Become a WSL graduate and take the next step towards strengthening your union

February 10-11, 2018
500 Oakmont Lane
Westmont, IL

Enrollment is limited. Submit complete registration by January 26, 2018.

What is the WSL program?
The IFT’s Worksite Leader (WSL) training program is a series of five courses, or modules. Each module provides a strong foundation of knowledge and skills needed for worksite leaders to be effective. When a worksite leader completes all five modules, he or she is considered a graduate of the WSL program.

How will the WSL program help me?
The program will provide the knowledge and skills needed to do the job of worksite leader. You will learn technical information, be provided with examples and templates to help you approach the work, be given opportunities to practice new skills, and have time to talk through the challenges you face as a worksite leader with others who are also doing this important work.

How do I complete the WSL courses?
It’s easy to complete the five modules and become a WSL graduate! Each module lasts one to three hours, and the courses do not have to be completed at one time.

WSL modules are offered annually in your region and at the IFT Union Leadership Institute. They may also be provided specifically for your local. For a current schedule, visit You can also contact your local or council president or IFT Field Service Director to learn more about WSL training and how to register.



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