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Rauner puts school funding fix in jeopardy

In the latest effort to put his personal agenda before the public good, Governor Rauner on Monday vetoed legislation that would have allowed the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to distribute additional funds to Illinois’ neediest public schools. In his amendatory veto, Rauner rewrote portions of SB 444 (a trailer bill designed to help implement the new school funding reform law) in an attempt to increase the number of private schools that may participate in a scholarship program that will give tax credits to wealthy individuals and corporations.

IFT President Dan Montgomery responded to the Governor’s action.
“By vetoing SB 444, Governor Rauner is once again showing his true colors. Let’s not forget that while the Governor takes credit for equitable education funding, he originally vetoed the bill and was willing to prevent public schools from opening unless his private school voucher program was slipped in," Montgomery said. "Now, he’s creating yet another crisis and putting equitable school funding in jeopardy, all to secure more tax breaks for the wealthy. Bruce Rauner’s priorities are crystal clear, and they don’t include our students.”
Rauner’s veto means that ISBE may not be able to move forward with enacting the new funding formula - and distributing additional new monies - as approved by the General Assembly in November.
Lawmakers must now vote to accept or reject the Governor’s changes. If they choose not to consider them, the legislation will die. Stay tuned for updates.



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