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State of the State is Worse Under Rauner

Following today’s State of the State address, Illinois Federation of Teachers President Dan Montgomery released this response:
“Much like President Trump’s speech last night, today we heard Governor Rauner fail to take responsibility for the problems he’s caused while taking credit for progress that occurred despite him, not because of him.
Look no further than his deceptive boasting about school funding. The truth is, Rauner vetoed a bipartisan solution to a decades-long problem, forced through private school vouchers, and has now put equitable funding – and our most vulnerable students – in jeopardy again.
The truth is, Rauner failed to fund MAP grants, forced five public universities into junk bond status and layoffs, and proposed deep cuts to higher education.
As he himself once bragged, he continually creates crisis to gain leverage for his political agenda, refusing to compromise and forcing the state to suffer.
Regardless of what he claims, Illinois has lost under Rauner’s failed leadership:
We lost jobs. We lost thousands of college students. And the state lost $1 billion to late fees last year alone, money that could have gone to schools, higher education, and social services.
The state of the state is far worse than when Rauner took office, and it’s time for someone else to take charge.”



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