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Thriving, not just surviving


On February 24, thousands of working women and men gathered in Chicago and cities across the country to raise our collective voice on the Working People’s Day of Action.

The massive nationwide event marked the 50th anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was killed in Memphis while supporting striking sanitation workers as they demanded the right to join together in a strong union.

Saturday’s rally and march brought working people together again in a similar fight - and at a critical time. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a case that will affect every worker - Janus v. AFSCME Council 31.

Make no mistake - the Janus case is the latest attempt by Governor Rauner, President Trump, the Koch Brothers, the DeVos family, and others to silence our voices by taking away our freedom to have strong unions.

Governor Rauner first brought the case as part of his anti-union agenda and ongoing contract dispute with AFSCME members here in Illinois. He and his powerful allies feel threatened, so they are working to rig the system even more against us by taking away our freedom to have strong unions - one of the last checks on their control.

They want it so badly that they’re fighting over who will deserve the credit for “destroying unions” if the court decides in their favor later this year.

Meanwhile, each of us can help ensure Governor Rauner and his allies don’t gain any more power. Here’s how:
  • Recommit to your union – ask your local president or worksite leader about signing a new union card and other ways you canstrengthen your local or council
  • VOTE

Early voting for the March 20th Primary Election is open now. Visit to find your early voting polling place. Share this information with family and friends, and encourage them to vote early too.


IFT members have already participated in the 2018 election in record numbers - by attending regional IFT PAC meetings, holding candidate forums, responding to union surveys, and more. Based on your feedback, our union endorsed JB Pritzker for Governor, Kwame Raoul for Attorney General, and dozens of other women and men (including many IFT members!) who we can trust to stand up for what’s right. View the complete list of endorsed candidates here.

By ousting Rauner and his supporters in Springfield and recommitting to our unions, we will do more than survive a negative decision in the Janus case - we will thrive right through it.

Recommit and VOTE today.

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