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Tell DeVos that arming teachers is a bad idea

Anna Fusco, a teacher, AFT members, and president of the Broward County (FL) Teachers Union, recently authored a petition to speak out against Secretary of Education Bety DeVos’ plan to allow schools to use federal education funds to buy guns for teachers and school staff. 

Sign this important petition today.

AFT President Randi Weingarten called DeVos's idea “insane.” And earlier this year, in the wake of the tragic Parkland school shooting, the IFT overwhelmingly passed a special resolution on school safety and ending gun violence resolution.

Educators and parents know that more guns in schools is not the answer to this crisis. Read an excerpt of Fusco’s powerful message below, then add your name to the petition to stop this madness.
Excerpt from MoveOn.Org petition by Anna Fusco

I pray that there will never be another school shooting like the one we lived through in Parkland, Fla. Even just earlier this year, it never occurred to me that we’d be in a situation where we might have a secretary of education consider diverting resources that are used to support poor kids in order to flood schools with more guns.

However, that’s exactly what we’re up against right now, since the news broke that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is considering a plan that would allow states to use federal funds to purchase guns for teachers.

Instead of after-school programs or counselors, which are critical for creating safe and welcoming schools and addressing the mental health needs of kids, DeVos wants to turn schools into armed fortresses and make kids and educators less safe.

Educators, students and parents have made clear that they don’t want more guns in schools; teachers want to teach and students want to learn.

Arming teachers is a bad idea. We know that states with the strongest gun laws see less gun violence. And we know that educators, students and parents want a safe, welcoming place for students to learn, with adequate resources to make this a reality.

Send a message to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos that this plan is reckless, dangerous, and will have long-lasting effects on our students and our schools.
Please sign the petition today!



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