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Learning is more than a test score - Tell ISBE to reject rule changes today!

In his final days as governor, Bruce Rauner’s Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is trying to rush through a rule change that would increase unfair testing burdens on schools and target high school students who exercise their right to opt out of state standardized tests.

ISBE’s continuing focus on standardized testing has exacerbated the inequities in Illinois’ public schools, particularly for communities of color and high-poverty schools. The federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which replaced the failed No Child Left Behind (NCLB), was designed to address those inequities. It also gave students the right to opt out of unnecessary, wasteful standardized tests.
The proposed changes to Part 1.30 rules would deny them that right by forcing high school students to take a final standardized test to graduate. The changes would also make testing and the associated paperwork even more burdensome for schools.
The public comment period on the proposed changes is open through December 3. Act now to tell ISBE why they’re a bad idea.

The IFT strongly believes the proposed rule change would increase the importance of flawed standardized testing and amplify NCLB’s harmful approach to public school accountability based on high-stakes assessments, sorting, ranking, and sanctioning of schools.
Click here LINK or on the button below, then fill in your name and email address. In the window provided, write a brief, personal message to explain how standardized testing has harmed your students and school. It is important that you describe your own thoughts and experiences on this important topic.

Educators and parents understand that learning is much more than a test score. Send ISBE that message before December 3.




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