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Tell legislators to repeal the 3% salary limitation


With the new General Assembly set to convene later this month, IFT is working to fix a serious problem that is impacting your salary ‑ and you can help. 

Our union has collaborated with lawmakers to introduce SB 60 (Bertino-Tarrant) and HB 350 (Willis), which would repeal harmful policy that limits your earnings.

The 3% cap effectively depresses salary for members of TRS and SURS to 3% by forcing the employer (rather than the state) to pay the pension liability for any increases over 3%. Since the 3% cap was enacted, employers statewide have used the threat of higher pension costs as an excuse to keep wages low for all employees, not just those approaching retirement. 

Let’s get the 3% repealed! Call your state senator and state representative  today and urge them to support and co-sponsor SB 60 and HB 350. (You can also visit them in their district offices before January 29.) Look up their contact information here

Tell state lawmakers to repeal the 3% because:

  • It worsens Illinois’ teacher shortage, particularly in the hardest hit downstate communities. To recruit and retain the best educators in our schools, especially in smaller school districts, we need to invest in teachers and provide incentives to attract them. 
  • It will increase property taxes. When pension costs are passed onto local school districts, local taxpayers will shoulder the burden when communities raise property taxes to cover the additional expense.
  • It weakens the teaching profession. Fewer college students are entering teaching as compared to other professions. To recruit new generations of educators, Illinois needs to demonstrate that we value teaching and pay teachers as professionals.
  • It harms local economies. By requiring districts to send funds to Springfield for pension payments, communities are drained of funding for education and other local priorities. 

Please contact your legislators now to help the IFT repeal this harmful and unfair cap that is impacting you and the students you serve.




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