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A Fair Tax for our future


A Fair Tax for our future

97% will get tax relief under Pritzker proposal

Just imagine an Illinois with fully funded public schools, colleges and universities. With funding for vital public services in our communities and human services for our neediest citizens. These are things our state desperately needs, but our dire financial situation and structural deficit has made them virtually impossible to fund.

Governor Pritzker’s Fair Tax proposal would change this by generating more than $3.4 billion in additional revenue. At the same time, it will give the vast majority of Illinois taxpayers – more than 97% – a tax break.

Here are the key components of the governor’s Fair Tax proposal:

  • 97.3% of Illinois taxpayers will receive tax relief. (Only people earning more than $250,000 will see any tax increase. In fact, the Fair Tax will hit millionaires the hardest.)
  • Property tax credit will increase by 20 percent (from 5% to 6%) for nearly all homeowners.
  • Creates a child tax credit of $100 per child for lower- and middle-class taxpayers.

Click here
and enter a few details in the state’s Fair Tax calculator to see how the plan would affect you.

Thirty-three states have this type of tax. Under the governor’s proposed Fair Tax, Illinois earners would pay less in income taxes than they would in neighboring states like Iowa and Wisconsin.

Under our current flat tax, lower- and middle-income families carry the state’s tax burden, and our state’s debt has grown to more than $15 billion. We have a structural tax deficit that simply does not bring in enough revenue to pay the bills, let alone invest in the future. The only alternatives to this plan would be raising the flat tax on everyone, or cutting public education and services by 15% in a “Rauner Replay.” Those options are unacceptable.

To enact this Fair Tax, lawmakers must vote to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2020. Lookup your state lawmakers and contact them today to urge their support for the Fair Tax and the future we all deserve!
It’s time for Illinois to invest in schools, higher education, and vital services. It’s time for this Fair Tax.



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