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Vote Cinda Klickna for TRS Annuitant Trustee

You may already know that voting in the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) Annuitant Trustee election began April 1. The Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) conducted extensive interviews with both candidates seeking the position. As a result, the IFT has endorsed Cinda Klickna for TRS Annuitant Trustee.

Cinda Klickna is a retired educator and past president of the Illinois Education Association (IEA). She worked closely with IFT when we challenged Senate Bill 1, legislation that attempted to slash benefits for TRS members. IFT/IEA collaboration was critical to defeating the legislation in the Illinois Supreme Court. Our success made it crystal clear that when we work together, unions are a powerful force for working families in Illinois. 

Cinda Klickna is a staunch advocate for collective bargaining and teachers’ rights in the workplace. We can count on her to defend those rights and ensure that unions have a seat at the table on important TRS issues.

Cinda Klickna is currently serving on the TRS Board of Trustees. Her experience is essential, especially with the recent turnover in TRS trustees. Cinda will provide continuity to a board that faced some difficult situations but emerged as an important voice in advocating for improvements to Tier 2 and achieving better-than-expected investment returns during tumultuous stock market cycles. This type of expertise can only be obtained through years of experience. Cinda Klickna has the experience, and that’s why she is the best candidate for the TRS Annuitant Trustee position.

Between now and April 30, please vote for Cinda Klickna for TRS Annuitant Trustee. 



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