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  • Pension Emergency Day Events Held Throughout Illinois

    Thousands of Illinois teachers and public employees took to the streets yesterday to hold in-district rallies to remind legislators that the "new" pension proposal will gut the retirement security of real people. more
  • "New" Pension Proposal Details Released

    Along with our partners in the We Are One Illinois coalition, we have put together these fact sheets with the latest information available. Additional details will be released Monday. more
  • We Are One Illinois Response to News of Leaders' Pension Deal

    Unions representing hundreds of thousands of public employees and retirees were not included in the leaders’ talks. If their new plan is in line with what’s been reported from earlier discussions, then it’s an unfair, unconstitutional scheme that undermines retirement security. more
  • This Is an Emergency

    The threat has never been more real. You MUST act now and during Pension Emergency Action Days to save the pension you paid for. more
  • Act to Oppose the Draft Conference Committee Proposal!

    Illinois politicians are at it again, trying to destroy the hard-earned retirement security of teachers and public employees. Call 888-412-6570 NOW and tell your state senator to oppose the plan by the conference committee. more
  • Close Loopholes, Don't Cut Benefits!

    Despite multiple meetings, the Conference Committee on Pensions has yet to come up with a solution that satisfies everyone. more



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