by User Not Found | Mar 17, 2013
On Tuesday, March 19, call 888/412-6570 to tell your lawmakers in the House and Senate to support ONLY SB2404 and HB3162.
Urge Lawmakers to Support SB 2404 and HB 3162

A rash of destructive pension bills passed out of committee last week in Springfield. These ugly bills could be voted on soon by the full House and Senate and would unfairly punish teachers and other public workers who did nothing wrong. We must act to stop them!

IFT Action Day is Tuesday, March 19. We need you to call your legislators and make your voice heard! 

On Tuesday:
  • Click here or dial 888/412-6570 to connect to your lawmakers.
  • You may connect with one legislator per call. Please choose your Senator first, then call back to lobby your Representative.
  • Tell them to support Senate Bill 2404 and House Bill 3162 – ONLY!
These identical, bipartisan bills include three key components we support: a guarantee of state funding, a pension stabilization fund, and our willingness to share in the sacrifice - so long as a comprehensive plan is fair and sustainable.
Other proposals are dangerous, unfair and unconstitutional.
Some, like the Nekritz/Cross/Biss bills, are even supported by right-wing corporate millionaires with anti-union agendas. The Chicago Sun-Times recently published an editorial by IFT President Dan Montgomery explaining the devastating effects these bills could have on our state and our students.*

On Tuesday, March 19, click here or dial 888/412-6570 to tell your lawmakers in the House and Senate to support ONLY SB 2404 and HB 3162

Let’s flood lawmakers' offices with calls! When you click-to-call or dial, you’ll be asked to provide your address and then be conveniently connected directly to your lawmakers. Don't forget - tell them to support the ONLY fair pension bills, SB 2404 and HB 3162! If they are already a sponsor, please say "thank you" and encourage them to get their colleagues and leadership on board, too.

Thank you for all that you do!

*Note: As of 2016, this piece has been removed from the Chicago Sun-Times website.