Keep the pressure on against "right to work"

by Amy Excell | Apr 21, 2015
By working together, IFT and other union members around the state are successfully fighting back against Governor Rauner's "turnaround" resolution (aka "right to work").

Governor Rauner has been pressuring local governments around the state to consider his “Illinois turnaround” resolution, which is nothing more than failed “right-to-work” (RTW) policy in disguise. But from Woodstock to Vandalia, IFT members have joined forces with fellow union members and the community at public meetings to demand that elected officials oppose the Governor's harmful agenda. By working together, we're winning.

Libertyville is just one recent success story. During last week's board meeting, it was standing-room-only at village hall where union members and their supporters turned out to oppose the resolution. The result? It died on the floor without a single local official willing to recommend approval against the will of the people.

The Chicago Tribune quoted Libertyville Trustee Richard Moras' comments during the meeting:

"I swore an oath to uphold the constitution of the State of Illinois, so it would be inappropriate of me to recommend that we secede and join Wisconsin. I cannot support this. It makes no sense, and it's plain silly.

We've had similar success in Winnebago County, Aurora Township, Woodstock, Oswego, Pingree Grove, Crete, and many other areas, where hundreds of union members showed up and told elected officials that “right to work” is wrong for Illinois.

We're gaining momentum, and the media is taking notice. As reported today in Capitol Fax:

‘Everywhere you look, unions seem to be gaining strength from these local actions…And, unlike when they come to Springfield, several union members know their local politicians on a first-name basis.  Local officials are occasionally discovering for the first time that their personal friends are in a union, and that's definitely having an impact.'
But in communities where union members are not organizing and speaking out, the Governor's illegal proposal is being approved. That's why we must stay alert.
State law requires local units of government to provide only 48 hours notice of the agenda for public meetings, so we often have little time to alert our members and allies. If you hear that the proposal is scheduled to be addressed in your community, please contact your local field service director and Angela McVey so we can help spread the word.

Please be prepared to attend these meetings in your community and mobilize your members to speak out! The IFT has developed a one-stop shop for materials to fight back against so-called “right to work.” From fact sheets to talking points to social media graphics, you'll find a variety of tools to help educate members and local officials about the harmful impact “right to work” would have on the middle class and our communities.

Let's keep the pressure on. Together, we will win.