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There is a new “pension theft” law which would cut the retirement benefits of hundreds of thousands of working families by 30%. The financial future of our teachers, emergency responders, nurses, and other workers and retirees hangs in the balance.

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In coming months the Illinois Supreme Court will rule on its legality and the financial future of your teachers, emergency responders, nurses, and other workers and retirees.

They need your help as they fight to protect their life savings in court!

Over a lifetime of service, these workers faithfully contributed to their pensions from every paycheck, but Springfield didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Now, politicians want to solve the problem THEY created on the backs of those who did nothing wrong. The majority of these public servants don’t receive Social Security, so this is all they have.

It’s not only unfair. It’s clearly unconstitutional, and a coalition of unions representing these workers and retirees are seeking justice in court to protect their life savings and constitutional rights.

Lawsuits are very expensive, and these working men and women need your help.

What can you chip in to support your teachers, firefighters, and caretakers today?

They serve and protect us everyday. Now, let’s help protect them.

You can send your contribution to:
We Are One Legal Defense
P.O. Box 143
Springfield, IL 62705-0143

Checks may be made payable to We Are One Legal Defense. You can also contribute online at

Your generous contribution is not tax-deductible and will only be used for legal fees. It is not a political contribution, and your name will not be made public or shared.



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