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Single-Weekend ULI

In addition to the traditional three-weekend long core courses, one-weekend sessions will be held during 2018-19 ULI North. 

IFT Worksite Leader Training 

Offered in the Fall (November 3-4, 2018) and Spring (April 27-28, 2019) ULI Sessions.

Worksite leaders work with members on the front lines in schools, offices, and other IFT workplaces. They play a vital role in keeping members informed and active. That's where the IFT Worksite Leader training program comes in!

The IFT's WSL program is a series of five courses, or modules. Each module provides a strong foundation of knowledge and skills needed for worksite leaders to be effective. All five modules are included in this one-weekend ULI course. Learn more here.

The Para-Teacher Collaboration: A Classroom Duet (New!)

Offered in the Fall (November 3-4, 2018) ULI Session.

A team divided cannot perform, just like a divided house cannot stand! When a teacher and paraprofessional work in the classroom together, their relationship is integral to student success. This training covers four critical areas that foster and maintain strong, collaborative classroom relationships: teams, roles and responsibilities, communication, and conflict resolution.

Participants are encouraged to register in their para-teacher teams.

Learn more and register for these classes today. Registration forms are due October 5, 2018

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