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Single-Weekend ULI

In addition to the traditional three-weekend long core courses, one-weekend sessions will be held during 2018-19 ULI North. 

IFT Worksite Leader Training 

Check back here for upcoming sessions.

Worksite leaders work with members on the front lines in schools, offices, and other IFT workplaces. They play a vital role in keeping members informed and active. That's where the IFT Worksite Leader training program comes in!

The IFT's WSL program is a series of five courses, or modules. Each module provides a strong foundation of knowledge and skills needed for worksite leaders to be effective. All five modules are included in this one-weekend ULI course. Learn more here.

The Para-Teacher Collaboration: A Classroom Duet (New!)

Offered in the Fall (November 3-4, 2018) ULI Session.

A team divided cannot perform, just like a divided house cannot stand! When a teacher and paraprofessional work in the classroom together, their relationship is integral to student success. This training covers four critical areas that foster and maintain strong, collaborative classroom relationships: teams, roles and responsibilities, communication, and conflict resolution.

Participants are encouraged to register in their para-teacher teams.

Student Debt Clinic: Train the Trainer Workshop

Offered in the Winter (February 9-10, 2019) ULI Session.

As a union, we are fighting to make college affordable and student debt manageable. However, 44 million people in the United States, including many AFT-IFT members and their family members are saddled with student loan debt. Many struggle to make monthly payments but are confused about how to tell scams from genuine help when it comes to debt forgiveness.

At the completion of this Student Debt Clinic: Train the Trainer course, participants will have the information and resources they will need to set up a Student Debt Clinic for their members or prospective members to assist them in managing their student debt. Register here. Registration is due by January 14, 2019.

Learn more and register for these classes today. Registration forms are due October 5, 2018

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