IFT Worksite Leader training program

The strength of our union comes from informed, engaged members in our more than 400 locals, councils, and chapters across the state. When members come together with one powerful voice, we positively impact our professions and the lives of the students and citizens we serve.

Worksite leaders work with members on the front lines in schools, offices, and other IFT workplaces. They play a vital role in keeping members informed and active. That's where the IFT Worksite Leader training program comes in!


What is the WSL training program and what will I learn?
The IFT's WSL program is a series of five courses, or modules. Each module provides a strong foundation of knowledge and skills needed for worksite leaders to be effective. After completing all five modules, participants will graduate and be designated as a “certified IFT Worksite Leader.

IFT Worksite Learning training program modules include:

  1. UNION 101 provides an overview of the worksite leaders’ responsibilities and their vital role in the labor movement.

  2. COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION reviews the importance of communication in union buildings. Participants will review tools and methods for maintaining job site data and provide opportunities to improve communication skills.

  3. WORKSITE ADVOCACY uses individual and group activities to review four areas of member Advocacy: gripes & grievances, member representation, contract enforcement, and member mobilization.

  4. MOBILIZATION AND ENGAGEMENT focuses on the use of one-on-one conversations to recruit, engage and mobilize co-workers.

  5. POLITICAL, LEGISLATIVE, AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT reviews the union’s policy making and endorsement process.

    Become a WSL graduate and take the next steps towards strengthening your local and the IFT!

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