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Strategic Priorities on Our Path Forward
A more effective, more powerful IFT

In 2012, at the direction of President Dan Montgomery, the IFT established four strategic priorities to guide our efforts along Our Path Forward.

"In pursuit of our strategic priorities we commit to: increase our political power in all we do; redesign our internal work to meet our goals; continue leadership, staff, and member engagement on Our Path Forward."

~ from Our Path Forward, as approved by IFT Executive Board

Respect for Our Work
  • Defend public education (from Pre-K through 20) and public services
  • Work for adequate and equitable resources for these essentials

Fairness in Our Economy
  • Advocate for fairer taxation and a more just economy
  • Defend pensions and promote retirement security for all

Forging Strategic Alliances
  • Form robust relationships with families, community partners, and other allies
  • Highlight our common ground and engage regularly

Building our Future Union
  • Focus special attention on educating and engaging younger members
  • Improve member support on professional issues and training



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