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IFT Resolutions

The IFT is governed by a triennial convention at which all federation members are represented by elected delegates of our unions. Convention delegates set broad policies and goals for the union movement and every three years elect the IFT officers—the President, Executive Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Vice Presidents. These officers make up the IFT Executive Board, which debates and passes resolutions defining the union’s position on many issues.

This section archives the resolutions passed by the IFT Delegate Assembly from 2003 to date.

SPECIAL RESOLUTION: School Safety and Ending Gun Violence

  • School Safety and Ending Gun Violence (passed by the IFT Executive Board, 3/24/18)

IFT Constitution & By-Laws

IFT's constitution contains the fundamental principles which govern the operation of our organization. The constitution clarifies our purpose, delineates our basic structure and provides the cornerstone for building an effective organization.

While the constitution covers the fundamental principles, the by-laws establish the specific rules of guidance by which we function. The IFT's by-laws detail the procedures we must follow to conduct business and provide further definitions to the articles of the constitution.

The current constitution & by-laws were adopted by delegates to the IFT Convention in October 2016.



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