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2019 IFT Resolutions arrow

2019 Resolutions

  • Resolution No. 1: Advocate for Passage of a Fair Tax in Illinois

  • Resolution No. 2: Affirming the Role of Illinois Federation of Teachers, Educators and Public Servants in Addressing Habitat Loss, Plant and Animal Extinction and the Protection of Public and Clean Water, Air and Natural Resources

  • Resolution No. 3: Trauma, Restorative Justice Safety and Justice in the Classroom

  • Resolution No. 4: Bilingual Education

  • Resolution No. 5: Dual Credit

  • Resolution No. 6: Teacher Shortage

  • Resolution No. 7: Grow Your Own Teachers

  • Resolution No. 8: Support, Respect and Dignity for Paraprofessional and School Related Personnel

  • Resolution No. 9: Work Shouldn't Hurt: Safe Schools for All

  • Resolution No. 10: Preserving Exclusive Representation

  • Resolution No. 11: 2020 Presidential Endorsement Process

  • Resolution No. 12: Oppose Constitutional Changes to the Pension Protection Clause

  • Resolution No. 13: Fund Our Future

  • Resolution No. 14: Building Member Power and Activism

  • Resolution No. 15: Immigration and Border Issues: Caring for Students

  • Resolution No. 16: Leading From Within: Committing to Equity and Inclusivity

  • Resolution No. 17: The Green New Deal

  • Resolution No. 18: The Illinois Federation of Teachers Will Oppose Efforts to Privatize Public Services, Pre-Kindergarten through 12 Education, Community Colleges and State Universities, and Make the Argument for Vigorous Investment in the Public Sector

  • Resolution No. 19: Adjunct Faculty Economic Conditions

  • Resolution No. 20: Education Teacher Performance Assessment

  • Resolution No. 21: Freedom of Speech at Educational Institutions

  • Resolution No. 22: Invest In Illinois Public Higher Education

  • Resolution No. 23: Gun Violence Prevention and University Safety

  • Resolution No. 24: Form Committee on LGBTQ+ Contributions in Curricula

  • Resolution No. 25: Black Lives Matter at School

  • Resolution No. 26: The Fight Against Student Loan Debt

  • Resolution No. 27: Advocating For Reform of Tier II Pension System

  • Resolution No. 28: Non-Reappointment of Non-Tenure Track Faculty at Illinois Public Universities

  • Resolution No. 29: Expand Transgender Affirming Healthcare Coverage

  • Resolution No. 30: Support Public Employees

  • Resolution No. 31: In Recognition of Dedicated Service and Leadership

  • Special Order of Business: Honoring Karen GJ Lewis, NBCT



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