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The IFT is affiliated with the Illinois Dental Hygienists' Association (IDHA), an organization representing registered dental hygienists (RDHs) statewide. IDHA members are licensed oral health care clinicians who work in collaboration with dentists in general and specialty oral health practices, both in private and institutional settings.

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Tell your Senator to stand up for quality health care for all kids

by Amy Excell | Oct 18, 2015
Email now to urge your Senator to vote NO on a measure that would jeopardize the quality of health care services provided to Illinois' poorest children.

Low-income children in our state deserve the same quality of health care as more fortunate kids, but a bill set to be considered by the Illinois Senate on Tuesday would seriously jeopardize their quality of care. Urge your Senator to oppose Amendment #2 to House Bill 500 today.

In addition to teachers, educational support staff, and state employees, the IFT proudly represents registered dental hygienists (RDHs) in the Illinois Dental Hygienists Association (IDHA). Our IFT brothers and sisters need your help to ensure that children in poverty continue to receive excellent oral health care services from qualified, licensed RDHs.

As highly-trained and educated dental professionals, RDHs provide essential oral health services to Illinois citizens, including low-income children eligible to receive Medicaid. To receive certification, RDHs complete rigorous education requirements at accredited colleges and universities. 

Under the guise of increasing access to care, Amendment #2 to HB 500 would allow unlicensed, unqualified dental assistants to provide oral health care services to children living in poverty, drastically reducing the quality of care provided for kids most in need. Tell your Senator to vote NO on this unfair, unnecessary measure.

Amendment #2 to HB 500 would not improve access to care for children on Medicaid, but it would reduce the quality standards of oral health care in Illinois and reduce the need for highly-educated, qualified registered dental hygienists.

EVERY child deserves high-quality health care services from licensed, trained professionals. Please urge your Senator to oppose Amendment #2 to HB 500 today.



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