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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

Updated: May 4, 2021

Dear Educator,

This school year has likely been the most difficult one of your lifetime. Despite the challenges of remote teaching, learning new technology and keeping students engaged while caring for your own family and staying safe, you have shined. You have given your all and shown your students and community that you will do whatever it takes to ensure that kids learn and thrive.

That’s why during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 3-7), we want you to know that we see how hard you’re working. We are awed by your dedication to your students and your commitment to teaching. And we’re amazed by your seemingly boundless energy. Quite simply, you are a HERO.

This week - and every week - we THANK YOU for who you are and what you do, every day of the year. We are so grateful that you are part of the IFT family.


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