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Tackling racism in our union

We were all born into a racist society. Though it is not our fault, racism is all of our problem and dismantling it is all of our responsibility – both those who are victimized by systemic racism and especially those who have benefited from the purposeful exclusion and marginalization of people of color. 

We have seen how collective activism has worked to shift political agendas to advance the interests of working people. We have the capacity to break down the barriers that exclude, isolate, and dehumanize – but it will take continuous effort, commitment, and struggle. Luckily, we are the labor movement and fighting back is what we do.
We encourage you to join us in the movement for racial justice as we carve out a new path forward and fight for the future we all deserve.




Through both activisim and elections, we can change the narrative, enact new policies, and create a better, more equitable, inclusive life for all.

The following resolutions were passed at the IFT 2019 convention:

•    RESOLUTION 3 - Trauma, Restorative Justice Safety and Justice in the Classroom
•    RESOLUTION 15 - Immigration and Border Issues: Caring for Students
•    RESOLUTION 16 - Leading From Within: Committing to Equity and Inclusivity
•    RESOLUTION 24 - Form Committee on LGBTQ+ Contributions in Curricula
•    RESOLUTION 25 - Black Lives Matter at School
•    RESOLUTION 29 - Expand Transgender Affirming Healthcare Coverage

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