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Political action committee

The IFT works diligently to advocate for our members, their professions, and public education and services. To help the union determine which candidates for public office share our values and deserve our support, the IFT uses a transparent, democratic Political Action Committee (PAC) process to make endorsement recommendations for Congress and the Illinois General Assembly.

the pac process

The IFT Statewide PAC consists of 19 members  - 18 regional committee chairs who represent different geographic areas of the state, as well as one member who represents statewide locals. These chairs share candidate information and endorsement recommendations from their respective committees. All IFT members are encouraged to attend the Regional PAC meeting in their area to participate in the endorsement process.




The PAC committees convene in advance of each Primary and General Election to determine their endorsement recommendations. 


First, the Regional PACs review incumbent voting records and candidate responses to IFT questionnaires and conduct interviews to learn where each candidate stands on important issues. After considering this data, the Regional PACs make endorsement recommendations to the Statewide PAC, which reviews them and forwards them to the IFT Executive Board for final approval.


Ultimately, candidates who earn an IFT endorsement are eligible to receive financial and organizational support from the union for their campaign.


IFT's Committee on Political Education (COPE) is a vital way in which we make our voices heard as teachers, faculty, staff, and public employees. Our contributions to IFT COPE are used to support political candidates and elected officials who support the issues we care about – as professionals and as a union. IFT COPE is also used to powerfully advocate for issues such as the right to collectively bargain, fair wages, retirement security, quality public schools, and vital state services.

For more information call the IFT at 800/752-2175.

IFT offers a wide variety of professional development programs designed to keep members informed, engaged, and active.

National, state, and local resources related to the legislative process and other important association links.

Empower yourself. Check your voter registration status, register, find IFT-endorsed candidates, and other useful voter tools and resources.

Engage in your community! Contact IFT to find available volunteer opportunities online or near you.


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