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Dues redirection notice

Union members who wish to redirect the portion ($35) of their 2023-24 IFT per capita dues that might be used for contributions to political candidates may do so using the following process:

Obtain a numbered IFT redirection request form from your local president. (Only original numbered forms will be accepted. No photocopies.)

Fill out the form and return it to your local president. The president will certify (sign) the form to indicate your membership is in good standing in your local and mail your form to the IFT.

You may designate your redirection to one of the following Executive Board-approved alternative, non-political expenditures:

Carl J. Megel Special Education Scholarship
An IFT-sponsored scholarship awarded annually to a special education student.

IFT Robert G. Porter Scholarship
The union offers two $10,000 scholarships annually to the children of IFT members who are high school seniors and will be enrolled in an Illinois public university. Winning students receive $2,500 per year for four years.


IFT Union Professional Development Program
The union’s newest program designed to provide quality, accessible professional development opportunities for all IFT members.

Your redirection of the $35 COPE (Committee on Political Education) portion of IFT dues will be good for the current dues year only and is not retroactive. You may reapply each year between Sept. 1-30.

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