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Volunteer to spread the word: Vote YES for fairness.

IFT members can phone bank from the comfort of their own home through the Illinois AFL-CIO’s volunteer program. Through the program, you would only be calling other union members. You will receive information for setup as well as a script to help you explain why we need a Fair Tax in Illinois.



Will you help spread the word to vote YES for a Fair Tax?

After you submit this form, you will soon be contacted by an Illinois AFL-CIO zone coordinator who will help you access the remote phone bank system, provide a script, and answer any questions you may have.

Complete this form today to volunteer:
Shifts are available Monday through Thursday in the afternoon and evening*. Which days and times are best for you? Select all that apply. *Feel free to take breaks and make calls at your own pace during your shift(s).

Thank you for helping spread the word to vote YES for a Fair Tax.


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