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Education Labor Leaders Endorse Mayoral Candidate Brandon Johnson

CHICAGO, Ill. — Today, education labor leaders from local unions across the state announced that they have endorsed Brandon Johnson for mayor. Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) leaders supporting Johnson include: West Suburban Teachers Union (Local 571) President Kyle Stern, Northwest Suburban Teachers Union (Local 1211) President Steven Elza, Illinois Federation of Public Employees (Local 4408) President Matt Emigholz, Federation of College Clerical and Technical Personnel (Local 1708) President Delores Withers, and North Suburban Teachers Union (Local 1274) President Pankaj Sharma.

The mayor of Chicago has a powerful influence in Springfield and Washington DC on critical issues that impact every Illinoisan, from education to collective bargaining rights. Important policies implemented in Chicago often set the standard for our state. By supporting Brandon Johnson, the Illinois Federation of Teachers and our local unions are advocating not only for the best interests of their members who live and work in Chicago, but in every Illinois community.

Local 1708 President Delores Withers said, "As an educator, union member, and Cook County Commissioner, Brandon Johnson has the lived experience to make Chicago better. He understands what our city's students and residents need to thrive, particularly working women, people of color, and those in underserved communities."

“A dedicated educator and longtime union activist, Brandon Johnson has been at the forefront of the fight for fully funded public schools, affordable housing, green jobs, and access to mental health care. He is the visionary leader and coalition builder that Chicago needs to ensure our communities recover,” said Local 571 President Kyle Stern.

Steven Elza, Local 1211 president, added, “I’m looking forward to seeing a Brandon Johnson administration. I’ve seen his dedication to ensuring that every student, regardless of their address or skin color, gets a fully resourced public education and the support they need to succeed in the 21st century.”

Local 4408 President Matt Emigholz said, “I’m proud that our public employee members across the state endorsed Brandon Johnson. He’s proven that he understands the needs of workers, and he has a plan to build a better Chicago that centers working people – not just those in high-income jobs.”

Local 1274 President Pankaj Sharma stated, “Brandon Johnson's ideas to help businesses rebuild and people recover post-pandemic will protect people and boost economic growth. And his support of direct investment in education and expanding sustainable community schools will give all Chicago students the education they deserve. Brandon Johnson truly is the better candidate for mayor of Chicago.”

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