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Educators rally for BRANDON JOHNSON

Over the weekend, IFT and CTU members came out in force to rally and volunteer for one of our own, educator and fellow union member BRANDON JOHNSON for mayor of Chicago.

Educators and all union members understand this - self-proclaimed Republican Paul Vallas is wrong for Chicago. He leaves a trail of destruction everywhere he goes. In New Orleans, Vallas closed more than one third of public schools and laid off hundreds of teachers – schools there now rank among America’s most inequitable. In Philadelphia, Vallas created an $80 million deficit, then gave himself hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses.

The choice is clear: BRANDON JOHNSON is the progressive, honest leader Chicago needs and deserves.

BRANDON JOHNSON will fight for working families. As mayor, he will invest in Chicago’s neighborhoods, jobs, and schools. Brandon is committed to making corporations and the ultra wealthy pay their fair share. He will work with police and first responders to make our streets safer while tackling the root causes of crime.

BRANDON JOHNSON will build a safer, stronger, more equitable Chicago for everyone.

Together, we will elect BRANDON JOHNSON, the honest, progressive leader Chicago needs and deserves.

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