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IFT Applauds President Biden's Actions to Support Undocumented Immigrants

Westmont, IL – Today, the Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) enthusiastically applauds President Joe Biden after his announcement of two executive actions that promise relief to thousands of undocumented immigrants living in the United States. IFT President Dan Montgomery issued the following statement supporting these bold and compassionate initiatives:

“President Biden’s actions today are an acknowledgment of the contributions and sacrifices of undocumented immigrants who have made America their home. Providing a path to legal permanent residence for spouses and protection for children demonstrates a commitment to humane policies that uphold fairness and keep families together.

“In addition, recognizing the talents and skills of DACA recipients is a pragmatic and necessary approach that prioritizes the well-being and futures of immigrant communities. DACA recipients can help fill vacant positions in our school communities. This is a landmark step forward in recognizing the rights and dignity of immigrant families.

“The measures taken today truly reflect our American values of equity, compassion, and opportunity for all. We offer our profound gratitude to President Biden and the relentless organizers whose unwavering dedication and hard work have made this victory possible."

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