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IFT members, staff are ready for Kamala!

We’re proud to support the first Black and South Asian woman elected to our nation’s second highest office. We asked IFT members and staff their thoughts about Vice President Kamala Harris.

"While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last." Vice President Kamala Harris

“The election of a black woman, Kamala Harris, to the vice presidency of the United States is historic. In November of 2020, black women were shedding tears of joy, tears of validation when all too often women, black women are marginalized and faced with barriers. Vice President, Kamala Harris makes me proud, she will be an inspiration to my daughter and granddaughter, she will bring hope and a woman’s perspective. Our nation will be supplied with the knowledge and talents of a black woman - KAMALA HARRIS.”

Mary Gile-Shipp

Madison Federation of Teachers and Support Staff, Local 763

"Kamala Harris’ victory is significant to Black women who have consistently supported the democratic party and been the party’s most powerful weapon, and it provides recognition to Black mothers, aunts, sisters, and grandmothers who paved the way for her to become the vice president of the United States. My sorority sister, Vice President Kamala Harris, is our

ancestors’ wildest dreams. I am immensely proud!"

Lana Turley

IFT Field Service Director

"Electing Kamala Harris as the first woman of color to the second highest position in government gives my girls and future generations of girls of color hope that they can overcome systemic racism. It also encourages them to continue to set goals and work to achieve them. Her parents’ stories of being immigrants are examples of familiar stories for many people in this diverse nation."

Kelly Turner

IFT Legislative Director

"Finally, America is developing into a reflection of its people. Women of color have always been the foundation of this great nation! Now a great woman

will help to lead it."

Linda Wilson

Peoria Federation of Teachers, Local 780

"It’s exciting to have a woman of color on any major party ticket. I believe it is a powerful elevation for all women. I’m thrilled that little girls will now be able to identify with a political figure in our country and it may spark interest in politics."

Marcy Lee

Cafeteria Clerical and Paraprofessional Support Staff, Local 6099

"My mother taught us to use our head for more than a hat rack and that we can do and be anything we wanted. I am sure these words are heard by many Black women, so Kamala Harris’ election was not a surprise – it was a matter of when. I cannot be prouder to have witnessed the installation of the first Black president and now the first Black woman vice president."

Phyllis Brooks

Shiloh Federation of Support Personnel, Local 6425

"The selection of Kamala Harris as vice president symbolizes representation and signifies intentional movement toward deploying the ample resources of American intelligence, ingenuity, fortitude, and integrity. It is progress, but it is not change. This historic selection

is tremendously satisfying. Kamala Harris is the first BLACK WOMAN vice president, one of the highest offices in American politics, and I unapologetically proclaim that with pride."

Renette Jackson

Pontiac William Holliday Federation of Teachers, Local 1811

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