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IFT president releases statement on PERA appeal bill

Today, Governor Pritzker signed the Performance Evaluation and Review Act (PERA, SB 1213) to give teachers a fair appeal process in evaluations. IFT President Dan Montgomery released the following statement:

"Teacher evaluation is still an imperfect art, subject to outside influences and bias. For the sake of getting the best teachers in front of students, providing them with helpful feedback, and basic fairness, it’s only logical that the process should work well and contain reasonable safeguards. That’s why the IFT initiated Senate Bill 1213, to provide educators with the right to a fair appeal process in evaluations. This legislation is just one of the many ways our union is working to address problems with PERA, and we are grateful to Sen. Kimberly Lightford for advocating for this fair, important law and to the governor for signing it." 
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