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IFT President Thanks Mayor Johnson for Supporting Columbia College Faculty and Students

“On behalf of our union and our brave members on strike at Columbia College Chicago, I want to thank Mayor Johnson for his thoughtful and reasoned words of support for the college's dedicated adjunct faculty and incredible students.

“As a former teacher, Mayor Johnson understands the critical role educators play in helping students learn and improving their futures. He knows the importance of bargaining a fair and equitable contract for the dedicated educators who help students achieve their aspirations, because teachers' working conditions are students' learning conditions.

"Mayor Johnson also recognizes that eliminating courses and dramatically increasing class sizes as Columbia's administration has done does not serve the students or faculty well. 

"The striking members in the Columbia College Faculty Association (CFAC Local 6602) are fighting to ensure that their students receive the educational experience the college promised and that faculty are valued and respected.

“The IFT stands in solidarity with CFAC, and we join Mayor Johnson in urging the administration to work with the union to reach a quick resolution that puts students and faculty first."


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