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Illinois Federation of Teachers Calls for a Bilateral Cease-fire in Gaza

ILLINOIS – Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) President Dan Montgomery issued the following statement after the union’s Executive Board voted to affirm an American Federation of Teachers’ (AFT) resolution calling for a bilateral cease-fire and promoting a two-state solution.

“The leaders and members of the IFT are deeply saddened by the ongoing violence in Israel and Palestine. Our hearts break for the innocent lives caught in this devastating conflict, and we extend our sincerest sympathies to our members who have family and friends experiencing the trauma firsthand.

“As a union steadfastly committed to the pursuit of an antiracist society, it is imperative that we vehemently condemn Islamophobia, antisemitism, racism, and all forms of hate. In response to the ongoing crisis, we join the AFT in urgently calling for a bilateral cease-fire, the unconditional release of all hostages, and the swift delivery of life-saving essentials, including food, water, medicine, and other critical resources, to the people of Gaza.

“The IFT is committed to fostering safe and inclusive working and teaching environments and promoting understanding and acceptance across diverse groups.”

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