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Labor Day - A Day to Celebrate YOU!

Dear IFT member,

Greetings and (early) Happy Labor Day!

Our nation will celebrate this important holiday on Monday. I hope you’ll spend it enjoying the waning days of summer with family and friends, attending a community celebration, or simply getting some much-needed rest.

I also hope you’ll take a moment that day to reflect on the reason for this holiday – to honor and recognize the American labor movement and the workers of the past who sacrificed to ensure workplaces are fair and safe for us all.

Don’t forget that Labor Day is a day to celebrate YOU. As a dedicated professional and public servant, you make a positive impact every day in your classroom, on your campus, or in your government office. Your labor brightens futures, improves communities, and betters our society. Please give yourself a much-deserved “pat on the back” for the incredible work you do!

The holiday is also the perfect time for each of us to think about the importance of our union membership. As a member of your local and the IFT, you know that standing together with colleagues in your union gives you a powerful voice on the job. You can use this voice to advocate for yourself and those you serve. You also know firsthand that your right to bargain collectively with your employer ensures fair pay and equal treatment for you and your colleagues, including women and people of color.

That’s why I urge you to commit to voting YES for the Workers’ Rights Amendment (WRA) in November. The WRA would guarantee all workers have the fair and basic rights to unionize and collectively bargain by enshrining them in the Illinois Constitution.

By passing the WRA, we would further empower educators and school staff to put students first by negotiating for smaller class sizes, improved technology for students, and additional classroom resources. We would also improve worker and public safety by protecting the rights of employees to speak out about dangerous conditions at their workplaces, like food safety issues and low hospital staffing that jeopardizes patient care.

Before you get busy with your long weekend holiday plans, please learn more about the WRA and how it will benefit you and your community. Then spread the word to colleagues, neighbors, and family members about why you plan to vote YES for the Workers’ Rights Amendment and ask them to vote YES too!

Watch your inbox in the days and weeks ahead for more information about WRA and how you can help ensure we guarantee fundamental rights for all Illinois workers.

Have a safe, wonderful Labor Day holiday! As always, thanks for all you do.

In gratitude and solidarity,

Dan Montgomery, IFT President

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