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Learn about IFT's new COVID Tracker!

Register for Thursday's webinar or watch on Facebook LIVE.


As COVID positivity rates surge or remain high, we know that we must have a clear picture of critical health data in our buildings and communities before schools and institutions reopen. That’s why our union has launched the IFT COVID Tracker.

The tracker will help gather data by crowdsourcing reports of health and safety violations and concerns identified by staff members, parents, and community members.

The site includes a mapping tool that shows district-by-district information to help easily identify issues in each area. The data will help our union draw comparisons between various areas and identify any potential “hot spots.”

This information can and should be used by unions, communities, allies, and elected officials in their continued efforts to ensure safe learning and working conditions. 

On Thursday, January 21 at 4PM we will hold a webinar to explain the COVID tracker and answer questions. To register, click here

We've also developed related resources, including:

I hope you will find this new tool useful in your efforts to keep members, students, and Illinoisans safe.   

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