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Resources for Black Lives Matter at School Week

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Last year at our statewide Convention, delegates to the Illinois Federation of Teachers voted to support the Black Lives Matter at School campaign. The resolution (Resolution 25) was submitted by Chicago Teachers Union (Local 1). From the resolution:

“RESOLVED, the IFT will promote events during or around this week and engage in advocacy on an ongoing basis aligned to the national demands for hiring more black teachers and ending the pushout of black teachers in schools, proper implementation of restorative practices in schools and ending zero tolerance discipline, teaching students black history and other ethnic studies curricula, and funding more counselors in schools as opposed to police officers.”

Black Lives Matter at School Week occurs during the first week of Black History Month (February 3-7). Here’s how you can participate in your classroom or school:

For more information, check out the Black Lives Matter at School website and follow @BLMAtSchool, or contact your local’s IFT Field Service Director. Thank you for supporting this movement!

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