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Show your support for UIC-GEO members!

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Please email and donate today

Your union siblings in the University of Illinois-Chicago Graduate Employees Organization (UIC-GEO, Local 6297) are on the brink of a strike. After a year of bargaining, there has been little progress made on critical issues. Unless that changes soon, UIC-GEO members may be forced to strike on Monday, April 18. They need your help!

  • Please take a moment TODAY to do one (or both!) of these things: Send an email to the UIC administration. Demand that they bargain a fair contract with a living wage for the university’s 1,500 hardworking graduate and teaching assistants. UIC works because THEY do!

  • Donate to the UIC-GEO strike fund. Give what you can to help UIC-GEO fight this stubborn administration and make changes that will make higher education more equitable and benefit the entire UIC community.

Read more about UIC-GEO’s fight, then TAKE ACTION today to show your support.

TOGETHER, we are #IFTstrong.

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