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Strike Day 7: District 209 Board walks away from Proviso community

Teachers will be back on the strike lines at 7:45 AM tomorrow morning.

Chicago – Proviso Teachers Union President Maggie Riley released the following statement after tonight's contentious Board of Education meeting where Board President Rodney Alexander abruptly cut off a speaker and recessed the public meeting.

“Nothing surprises us anymore – this is how the Board and Superintendent Henderson have treated us in negotiations over the last year: offering the bare minimum and then walking away. It’s disrespectful to the students, parents, and community members who came out tonight to speak up for the education Proviso students deserve.
“We stand ready to bargain, as always. It’s time to end this strike and get back into classrooms with our students. Superintendent Henderson and the District 209 Board of Education have held this process up long enough.”

The next bargaining session will be on Thursday, March 17 at 9:00 AM.

Picketing Information:

Proviso teachers will be on the picket lines at 7:45 am every school day until an agreement is reached that honors students, teachers, and the community.

• Proviso East: 807 S. 1st Ave., Maywood

• Proviso Math and Science Academy (PMSA): 8601 Roosevelt Rd., Forest Park

• Proviso West: 4701 Harrison St., Hillside


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