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The importance of school board elections

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

As a public employee and IFT member, you understand better than anyone what is at stake for your local schools and community in the April 4 school board elections.

In the midst of a well-funded nationwide movement to ban culturally relevant books in schools and censor the teaching of accurate American history, extremist candidates are running for school boards all across our state. We cannot let them divide our communities and destroy our schools.

First, learn about the candidates! I urge you to:

  • Check to see if your union is supporting particular candidates. Often your union will vet candidates to determine where they stand on issues important to you, your colleagues, and your community before choosing to recommend or endorse them.

  • Do your own research. Look at a sample ballot before election day so you know who is running and learn what they stand for.

  • Find out where their money is coming from. If a candidate is funded by Awake Illinois, the Proud Boys, Moms for Liberty, or other groups with radical agendas, that says it all!

Next, VOTE! Early voting is open through April 3. Or vote at your polling place on Election Day, April 4.

Finally, spread the word! Tell your family, friends, and coworkers why voting in local school board elections is important to students and the entire community.

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