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University Professionals of Illinois readies to fight for students and families

The COVID-19 crisis isn’t stopping the University Professionals of Illinois (UPI Local 4100) from planning a comprehensive campaign to fight for the best interests of Illinois students, educational institutions and communities this election year. The current health crisis has made it more true than ever that lower- and middle-income students need financial assistance and other supports to pursue their higher education dreams.

That’s why the local union, which represents nearly 3,000 faculty and staff at seven of Illinois’ 12 public universities, is developing a plan (to set in motion when the worst of the health crisis has passed) designed to educate its members, their families and neighbors and urge a YES vote on the Fair Tax.

“We see Fair Tax as the funding solution for higher education,” said UPI President John Miller. “Besides significantly helping students to attend universities, the Fair tax will provide a tax cut to those most harmed by the current COVID-19 crisis. Those who oppose it are trying to sow fear with false claims because they can’t dispute the facts.”

Under the Fair Tax, which will appear on the ballot in November, 97 percent of Illinoisans will receive a tax cut or see no increase. Only the wealthiest taxpayers—those who earn more than $250,000 annually–will be asked to pay more to support critical services, including education.

With the financial havoc being caused due to the COVID-19 crisis, the need for a fair, responsible tax system has never been greater. Not only does Illinois need to provide additional higher education funding to help students afford education beyond grade 12, families hit the hardest need additional federal funds to offset losses due to unemployment and wage cuts.

To learn more about the Fair Tax and why it’s more important now than ever, visit

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