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We support you.

This has been a tough year. We’re living through a pandemic that’s taken a toll on all of us, one way or another. We are witnessing a national reckoning on racial justice. We are participating in an election that will, frankly, make or break our democracy. And we’re adjusting to a new normal in our schools and families. 

I want to take a moment to remind you that we at IFT are here for you. 

We see the work you’re doing to make the best of this school year for our children. We see the extra planning, the late nights, the endless Zooming. We see the small victories and the small heartbreaks. We see how you’ve adapted your classrooms for socially distanced learning. We see how you’ve brought your work into your home like never before. We see the battles with unsympathetic administrators, school boards, and trustees, the fights for safe working conditions, and the stress all of this has put on you and your families. We’re here for you through all of it.

As you carry on through the rest of this year, remember that you have solidarity and support in your union.

We will get through this, and when we do, we will be stronger.

Take care,

Dan Montgomery | IFT President

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