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Happy PSRP Day!

Today is PSRP Day in Illinois! Every third Wednesday in November, we celebrate this day and show our gratitude and appreciation to the more than 100,000 dedicated paraprofessionals, administrative assistants, and other school-related personnel like you who provide critical services in the classroom, school and campus offices, cafeterias, school buses, and more.

As a longtime high school teacher, I have seen firsthand the incredible value of your work. In our schools and on our campuses, you ensure things run smoothly and efficiently. You keep buildings clean and well-maintained. You get children to school and keep them safe and well fed. You recognize students' academic and emotional challenges, foster learning, and are their biggest cheerleaders.

As a longtime union leader, I have also seen your strength and power in our state and local unions. PSRPs are the fastest growing membership group in the IFT, and certainly among the most dedicated. When you are needed to take action or support union-endorsed candidates, PSRPs always answer the call on behalf of students, fellow members, and all workers.

Today is YOUR day, but we celebrate you every day of the year! On behalf of the 103,000 members of the Illinois Federation of Teachers, please accept my deepest gratitude for your commitment to students and dedication to our union.

Thank you for all you do.

In unity and gratitude,

Dan Montgomery, IFT President


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