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Local 604 members meet to discuss issues with lawmaker

Recently, AFT Local 604 council presidents from the Kankakee area met with Rep. Jackie Haas (R-Kankakee) to discuss education-related issues. State Sen. Patrick Joyce (D-Essex) was also scheduled to be part of the group but was called to Springfield for an important clean energy vote. This would have marked the first time both parties had met with the leaders in one setting. Additional bi-partisan meetings will be scheduled this semester.

Issues discussed included student testing, COVID-19, staff shortages, school funding, and employee stress.

Pictured are AFT Local 604 President Bill Briggs, Clifton Council President Bob McGill, Rep. Haas; Steve DePasquale, president Kankakee College Council; and Kankakee Teachers and Clerical Council President Beth Anderson.

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