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May 1 - International Workers' Day

Today is International Workers’ Day, a time when people worldwide come together to honor and celebrate the achievements of the labor movement in the U.S. and beyond. More importantly, every year on May 1 we recognize the incredible individuals like you who educate and support our students, care for their physical and mental health, ensure safe transportation, clean, safe classrooms, and healthy meals, and provide critical services to our citizens and communities.

IFT members do these amazing things and many, many more. On behalf of your union, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to you on this International Workers’ Day for all that you do. You make me so proud to be not only your elected leader, but your union sibling.

Today is also the perfect time to consider our progress. The IFT and labor unions across the nation – and the world – are truly having a “moment.” We are witnessing a resurgence of our movement and a time of incredible growth and power.

Just look at the recent organizing in Tennessee, where Volkswagen workers joined the United Auto Workers in an historic win. Or the widespread and successful unionization efforts at major companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Trader Joes, IKEA and many more.

Here in the Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT), we’ve now welcomed more than 2,600 new members since our convention in 2022. It’s an incredible testament to the workers who have joined our union to harness their power and fight for fairness for themselves and the resources our students and communities deserve.

I urge you to use this day to acknowledge your colleagues and union siblings too. Every union worker deserves our respect and solidarity, today and every day.

There are several other opportunities throughout the month to lift up fellow IFT members for their incredible work. Click below to share these social media graphics and send a shout out!

Again, on International Workers’ Day today and throughout this month, I offer my thanks and gratitude to you for your tireless commitment to your union and dedication to your profession.

Thank you for making us all #IFTstrong!

In Gratitude and Unity,

Dan Montgomery, IFT President

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