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Now more than ever, we need a Fair Tax

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

IFT members know what’s at stake in November 2020. It goes without saying that we must oust Trump and DeVos to recover from the economic, healthcare, and racial justice crises we face today. We know Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are experienced leaders who will stand on the side of honesty, decency, and transparency as they lead our nation out of the quagmire we’ve been in for the last four years.

We must also vote for candidates at the state and local levels who share our values and will fight for the best interests of working men and women, especially at this difficult time. (Visit to see a complete list of IFT-recommended candidates.)

But electing friendly candidates is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Here in Illinois, this election is an opportunity to fix a system that has been hurting lower- and middle-class families for far too long. We must vote YES to pass the Fair Tax constitutional amendment.

Under our current income tax system, average taxpayers pay twice as much in taxes as a share of their income compared to the wealthy. That means those who earn less pay more; that’s simply not fair.

The Fair Tax works by asking those earning more than $250,000 per year to pay a little more in taxes. The rest of us will get a tax cut or see no increase. At the same time, our state will receive more than $3 billion in additional revenue that we can invest in education at every level, health- care, jobs, and our communities.

Read the special edition of Union Link, to learn more about the Fair Tax and what our members and locals are doing to help make it a reality.

Your vote is your voice. Vote YES for fairness. Please cast your ballot by mail or in person in this General Election by November 3.

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