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Protect your retirement: Vote YES for Fair Tax

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

The millionaire clubs and political interest groups are spending tens-of-millions of dollars to target retirees with scare tactics and misinformation. That’s because when the Fair Tax passes everyone earning $250,000 or less will will receive a tax cut while only those earning more will be required to pay any more. Further, the $3 billion in additional revenue that Fair Tax will generate annually would provide long-term protection of the tax exempt status of retirement income and help sustain the senior services that these same big money interest groups are seeking dismantle.


The Fair Tax will protect retirement income

The Fair Tax maintains tax exempt status for all retirement earnings. Illinois law prohibits taxing retirement income, and doing so would require separate legislation that would be difficult, if not impossible to pass. 

The Fair Tax will support important senior services

The Fair Tax will raise the much-needed revenue to help fund important services (Medicaid, home care, aging services, etc), stabilize Illinois’ fiscal future, and reduce pressure on schools and local governments to raise property taxes.

Illinois seniors support the Fair Tax

Fair Tax is supported by the retiree leaders of the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans, AARP,  and labor unions around the state – the same unions who fight to protect retirement security year after year.

Please, vote YES for the Fair Tax amendment on the ballot this fall and bring fairness to our tax system. 

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